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Matt Fletcher

Matt Fletcher

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Eeyah, world.

Eeyah, world.

S'later, Rackspunk.

So, after owning a Rackspace server for several years and never really seeing the benefit of doing so, I've finally transitioned 100% over to Digital Ocean, who are far, far cheaper and seem to provide the exact same service.

Every other server I've fired up since this one has been a Digital Ocean droplet and, other than the ballache of having to go through my old Fedora (shudder) box and work out what needs keeping and what needs chucking, it made sense to move my domain over too. Also, if I have to watch another one of their fucking cringe-worthy Christmas card videos, I think I may just end up giving myself an ad-hoc vasectomy with my bare fingers.

Ghost tings.

I've very quickly fired up a Ghost blog (and it really was quick!) rather than bugger about with making my own Node-based site/blog: something I was playing about with a while ago but, without infinite time and resources (and interest), decided it would make sense just to go for something easy.

Theme Lover (1958)

Currently I'm running a slightly modified version of Ascent, but I will do a proper theme some time soon because this one's a bit pants...

Official conclusion.

Stay tuned for incredible blog posts that will literally blow your anuses inside-out. Just wait.

Love, Maff.